Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jeff Mendoza Pulling Lots of Air With His Bass Guitar on UT campus

These pictures are from a Punk Rock Club event on UT campus. The Punk Rock Club at UT was an official organization of the University of Texas at Austin started by Sumeet Barai. It was run by many friends and other student volunteers who helped put on shows such as this one and many others. The Punk Rock Club was known for it's annual Punkfest concert that featured 7 or 8 Austin punk rock bands. Some of the acts that played on Campus for such UT events include: The Blacklung Patriots, Same Day Service, Ill Spent Youth, Protocol 13, Manikin, Lunchbox Ave, Slum City, Dempsey, Interstate 808, The Accidents, Black Star Brigade, The Mofobees, and 28 Cent Solution.
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